The Gospel (Part 3)

The Gospel (Part 3)

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God's love isn't based on humanity's loveliness, rather it is completely founded on his innate goodness. The Bible says it this...

God's love isn't based on humanity's loveliness, rather it is completely founded on his innate goodness. The Bible says it this way, God showed his love to us: while we were sinners Christ died for us. Notice, God loved us before our change, he loved us in our un-right-ness. It is only his love that can empower sustainable change in us. We need a power greater than ourselves. Christians will tell you how often they still fail but how their failure has become reason for worship rather than despair because their failure never separates them from God's love. They will tell you how incredibly convinced they become by His grace (the free favor of God) in the process. It is the Christian's realization of their own weakness that causes them to depend on Him in a way that allows greater progress. Think about it, God is the first cause of it all, if the universe comes out of Him, doesn't it make sense that both physical and spiritual life would flow out of Him-- that He would be its source? This is where true wholeness, real restoration, life begins.

A friend of mine who lived as an atheist until he was in his 30s discovered Jesus to be his life-giving good news. He recently explained his experience to me this way: I have been resigned to “just living” for a long time. I thought that this was all there was to life. My experience with Jesus is remarkable, I’m finding him to be the answer to internal questions, questions that I never thought had answers.

Another friend said it simply: Jesus IS love!

Are you tired? Tired of internal emptiness? Will you admit your weakness and find healing in the love of Jesus?

Receiving the free gift of his new life in you doesn't require some magic prayer or a whole bunch of good deeds. It's radically simple. The Bible says by grace you are saved through faith. It goes on to say that there is no reason for anyone who receives this gift to be arrogant or boast because it was Jesus who rescued them not they who rescued themselves. (Ephesians 2:8-9) The idea of faith is a simple concept: you disbelieve that you must fix yourself and rest in Jesus promise to restore you-- find healing there. Will you do just that? I mean right now.

Will you talk to God? He has been speaking to you through this post, you have listened. Will you respond to Him now and find restoration? Talk to him, tell him how broken and hopeless you feel... or how self-involved and arrogant you have become, and tell him that you believe that He has rescued you. Tell him you will trust him and stop trying to be good enough alone. Thank Him for his unconditional love and step into new life!

If you have accepted that, welcome; you are my brother or sister, isn't the love of Jesus amazingly powerful? Revel in it! We are called his "body," now as the body of Christ begin to enjoy the wonderful privilege of showing the love of Jesus to everyone in the world.

Please take time to shoot me an email and let me know of God's work in your life I'd love to celebrate with you!


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