The Gospel (Part 1)

The Gospel (Part 1)

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I write this with the belief God is busy drawing men and women to Himself in our generation. They are coming...

I write this with the belief God is busy drawing men and women to Himself in our generation. They are coming (and will come) from all nations, tribes and tongues. Each one attracted like magnets by the beautiful, loving, grace-filled, good news of Jesus.

As Jesus is lifted up here, I expect my Father to rescue many people who are searching for joy and satisfaction. Will you see Jesus as he truly is? The fact that you are reading this at this moment is a good indication that God is at work in you! You have reason to be hopeful.

Listen as he speaks to you. You will not be sorry that you took the time to hear his message. He seeks to breathe new life into your inner being today. As you read, listen to his voice. How do you know he will speak to me, you may ask. I know, because it's happened to me. It's happened to me, and I was (and am) certainly no better than any of you. If he was willing to restore me, I feel quite sure that he desires to bring restoration to you, too.

If you are easily offended, and especially if you feel that your life is going quite well, please buckle your seat belt as you continue reading.

Whether you have arrived at this juncture in life yet or not, there is coming a day when you will realize your very best effort isn't enough to fill your purpose in life. Worse still, living outside of purpose will keep you from experiencing true satisfaction. Circumstances, emotions, physical demands, relationships, something like this will likely cause you to re-evaluate life. If it hasn't happened to you yet, just wait, it's coming.

Most of you already believe there is something tragically wrong with the world in which we live. Evil is evident around us all. However, some of you haven't yet begun to expect that you are complicit in our world's unraveling state.

I encourage you to see how you are often your own worst enemy. You don't have to continue in this frustrating condition. There is greater purpose to be discovered!

You say "I'm not evil; in fact, I'm pretty good. I'm absolutely better than the guy who works beside me Monday-Friday." However, the truth is the guy who works beside you isn't the one to whom you are being compared. He isn't the standard for humanity or our flourishing. There is an innate sense within you that knows this is true. Some of you reading this are incredibly moral people, far more moral than me. However, no matter how "good" you become, if you were honest, you would have to admit you still have an internal unshakeable knowledge that you just aren't good enough. Is it that you aren't satisfied with yourself? You may say, I'm just a perfectionist-- I'm my own worst critic. Ask yourself is something else going on? Is there actually something incomplete, out of sync, or just a bit off in me? Is this incompleteness apparent throughout the world— could it be THE current human condition?

The Bible says that there is none righteous. By the way, "righteous" is just an old school way of saying right-ness. There's something more than just a bit off in all of us. We all contribute to the world's destruction, especially our own. (Romans 3:10)

The question is, will that realization of incompleteness be crushing for you or will it be the doorway that helps you see a better way forward?

Let's talk about that way forward in Part 2.



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