Reason #6: Those 3 sweet words!!!

Reason #6: Those 3 sweet words!!!

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Why should you join us? Because of those Three simple words: Real— everything begins with a real relationship with Jesus! This...

Why should you join us?

Because of those

Three simple words:


everything begins with a real relationship with Jesus! This “realness” contributes to other relationships in your life, making them more significant and meaningful. We’re committed to authentic relationships with God and men.


the Bible is all about Jesus! We’re focused on essential truths that teach us how to rightly relate to God. Every part of our church has a purpose. It won’t be hard to figure out. Citylight is streamlined to be practical and effective; think of a boxer getting into his “fighting weight.”


We go public cause' we exist for Jesus fame!

We live out our relationship with Jesus publically! We are engaged in practicing our faith in our city and around the world!

We gather to scatter.

The church meeting isn’t the end, but a means to the end.

We invite you to find out how refreshing real, simple, faith can be!


  1. Brian

    August 2

    Couldn't agree more Faith! I knew lots of friends grwoing up though that had great christian parent, attended church regularly and still fell away from the church. If I take my kids to a baseball game, it does not make them baseball players. I believe that having your kids in big church regularly teaches them that its okay to disconnect and that church can be boring. Could it be that what is being taught is not life applicable enough? Could it be that you cannot learn to serve your parents God with out it being your own? Could it be that perhaps the church needs to rethink their strategy? Yes, the question was directed at what the "Church" should do. I believe the problem may lay though that Parents too heavily assume the church is doing the right thing and teaching the right way. Again, the "this is the way we've always done it" approach. This topic should be discussed more often amongst parents! Keep the Convo going ladies! : )

    • Brian

      August 2

      Thanks for stopping by. Who are the ladies you are referring to? 🙂


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