Get Real!

Get Real!

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REAL from Brian Norris on Vimeo. I’ve talked a lot recently about how good the gospel is for the Christian’s every...

REAL from Brian Norris on Vimeo.

I’ve talked a lot recently about how good the gospel is for the Christian’s every day life. I’ve promoted the idea of preaching the gospel to yourself throughout the day. I referenced it when we were dealing with the subject of motivation but it goes far beyond that; gospel truth touches every facet of Christian existence. Today, we'll see that again within the subject of authenticity.

In a world full of fakes people are hungry for authenticity. No, on second thought, they are STARVING for authenticity!

I'm reminded of buying knock off running shoes in Belarus. I was on a missions trip as a teenager and had the opportunity to ride the train to a huge flea market. While there I picked up some new kicks. On the outside, those Addidas running shoes looked just like a popular model in the US but you just had to look inside the shoe and read "Addibas" to realize they weren't quite so legit!

More often than not people are like that. I'm not trying to be unkind- it's just the facts.

The greater Christian world’s inability to offer a sincere picture of “real” living stems from a broad misunderstanding of God’s nature.

God is the person of worship.

When this truth is rightly understood the fear of man is lost in the fear of God. Revering God, knowing His power, longing for access and understanding we deserve rejection, forces a different perspective.
Think about it; if a two year old approaches you as an adult and says: I don’t like your face! How are you effected? You likely laugh out loud! Contrast that with your spouse or significant other saying that they no longer find you attractive—you are likely more shaken.
Why? One’s judgment matters the other has little, if any, bearing on your life.
This illustration is not to say that other people's judgments make no difference to us but rather that in contrast to God’s they will carry far less weight.

Let's grab some quick affirmations from the passage:

  • We have peace

  • We stand in grace

  • We joy in pursuing God’s glory

  • We can rejoice in life’s difficulties
Suffering yields endurance --> Endurance yields sharacter --> Character yields shameless hope

Our confidence is by God’s love!

God didn't initiate His relationship with you because of your worth. He didn't pursue you because you were worthy of pursuit. He doesn't love you because you're so good--He loves you because He is good!
That's why He "in due time" demonstrated His love to you first "while we (you) were yet sinners."
With this in mind here are some great truths to sink our teeth into:

  1. Because the Father’s love is based on Jesus, it’s unbreakable! Vs.6-8
  2. Because our position is found in Christ’s righteousness, it’s unshakable! Vs. 9-10
  3. Because our joy is dependent on God’s glory, it’s imeasurable Vs. 2/ 11

Remembering our reconciled standing with God will empower a life of repentance. We will come to Him rather than hide from Him. Living a life of open repentance before God will enable authenticity with others.



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