Learning to Whisper

Learning to Whisper

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We live in a period of time when there’s a whole lot of talking but very little listening. Due to all...

 Learning to Whisper family church planting  push back Marketing communicate click bait We live in a period of time when there’s a whole lot of talking but very little listening.

Due to all the noise pollution, people are fighting to be heard, to be known, to have that simple and elusive feeling of being understood.

Notice the euphoria you experience the next time you feel like someone “gets” you. Someone truly hears you.

We have more information and more tools for publishing than any other period in human history, and yet it could be effectively argued that communication may be devolving.

If you have a message to communicate, you’ll soon feel the pressure to abandon principle and adopt all the noisy, gimmicky communication tactics of our day.

But what if our effectiveness shouldn’t be primarily measured in the number of clicks, views, and likes, but in the depth and quality of each engagement?

What if we stopped assuming and started asking? What if we restructured our analytics to measure if our followers felt like they were understood, like we “get” them? Does our message resonate?

How might we do that? What would that look like? I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure we all know what it doesn’t look like.

Picture this: We walk into a room, and everyone is screaming at the top of their vocal capacity. You experience sensory overload. You feel disoriented. You hear snippets of messages but no one gets a full hearing. Before long, you almost feel like you’re losing your mind, like your internal dialogue can’t complete a thought. You start to give up and walk out of the room, when all of the sudden you notice a small group of people seated in the corner, whispering.

You notice that they are allowing the content of their message to carry the conversation. It’s still hard to hear, but what you hear makes sense.

You lean in and find that you begin to develop the ability to tune out the cacophony of noise and focus on one cohesive thought.

You listen to one person speak their message in its entirety and then hear from another and another. The small group welcomes you; someone taps your shoulder and asks you to share your message— you start to stand up and shout— then with a smile, you sit back down and begin to whisper your story. The group hangs on every word, they ask relevant questions, and you experience connection.

We get to choose how we communicate and what kind of content we give our attention to. Our choice amplifies the message. With every choice, we shape our own society. Will you join the growing movement of intentional whisperers or stand on the street corner and shout with everyone else?

How we communicate matters. Your voice matters. Find your voice and use it!



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