A Call For Pragmatic Idealists

A Call For Pragmatic Idealists

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I think most of my friends would call me an idea guy. I have an opinion or idea about almost everything....

I think most of my friends would call me an idea guy. I have an opinion or idea about almost everything. The problem with being an idealist is that if we aren’t careful, we can become so firmly committed to an idea that we are too rigidly inflexible to accomplish anything. Another issue is that it’s easy for us to live in the future, failing to embrace the present.

Are you an idea person? Let me help you while helping myself.

Let’s become firmly committed to seeing our visions become realities in the real world!

You have a creative mind; become committed to creating.

We live in a world full of people without vision. Sometimes it seems our world is dominated by individuals bent on deconstructing; they talk about the reasons why progress is impossible. Some of them claim the high ground of fact, wisdom, and logic. I ask, what are they contributing? How are their statistics making the world better?

I love reason; please provide the facts and stats and allow them to motivate me. Let’s use logic to arrive together at real world solutions. If you hold a set of ideals firmly and passionately, it should enable you to navigate the world of ideas with a kind of confidence and freedom that will empower your mission. You will see opportunities to work with people that you never dreamed possible before. You won’t be so protective of an idea that you hinder the mission. Remember we’re building something, not just dreaming about something. So pick up the last crumpled piece of paper off the floor and keep writing. Walk back over the bridge you just set fire to and extend a hand seasoned with grace. Become pragmatic enough to become productive!

The creative principle above applies to lots of arenas. I’m a church guy, so let me apply it to faith communities. If you want to talk about the problems in the church, I’ll listen and even join in; but if you want to stop there, throw up your hands and give up, you and I see Jesus and his teaching very differently. Instead, let’s plant a church together. Let’s revitalize a church together. Let’s show love to our neighbors together. Let’s get back to believing in the life-giving power of Jesus together!



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